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Peerless Plumbing Company-Carrollton

Seamless Solutions for Every Drop: Peerless Plumbing Company Carrollton


Peerless Plumbing Company-Carrollton


2314 Stonebrook Cir
Carrollton TexaS 75007
United States



Plumbing problems will affect every homeowner at some point. You will need a plumber whether you have a simple clogged pipe or you are renovating your home.

There are thousands of plumbers and choosing one that will get the job done at a reasonable price is no easy task. We're here to help. We can help you find a reputable plumber that not only shows up on time but get the job done the first time around.


About Carrollton

Carrollton is a city in Dallas, Denton, and Collin counties in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2020 census, its population was 133,434, making it the 23rd-most populous city in Texas. == History == The area was first settled by Jared Ford in 1842 by William and Mary Larner on a site within the Peters Colony grant. In 1844, the A. W. Perry family claimed land in the area around Trinity Mills where, in partnership with Wade H. Witt, a mill was established.The English colony, a group of families in the northeastern area of settlement which crossed into Denton County, was home to large landowners including the Furneaux, Jackson, Morgan, and Rowe families. It is most likely that Carrollton was named for Carrollton, Illinois, the original home of many of these settlers.Early on, Carrollton's livelihood was exclusively agricultural, but following the construction of the Dallas-Wichita Railroad through Trinity Mills in 1878, the community began to grow in its industrial significance.



Client Reviews

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Rita Mathis

Peerless Plumbing Company-Carrollton

When we had a plumbing crisis, Peerless Plumbing Company-Carrollton was our lifesaver. They responded quickly, understood the problem, and got to work immediately. Their team was courteous and professional, and they ensured the job was done right. We were very impressed with their service.

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Pat Massey

plumbing company

I needed a gas line installed for a new appliance, and I hired Peerless Plumbing Company for the job. The plumber was professional and ensured the gas line installation was done safely and correctly. I'm grateful for their expertise and meticulousness in handling gas-related installations.

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Zachary Nichols

plumbing company near me

Their plumber is a true expert in their field. I called for help with a complicated plumbing issue, and they tackled it with ease. The plumber's problem-solving skills and dedication to customer satisfaction are admirable. I highly recommend their services.

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Tommy Dennis

carrollton plumbing company

The plumber from Peerless Plumbing Company was friendly and approachable. They patiently explained the plumbing issue and provided preventive tips. Friendly and informative.

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Nick DeNuccio

plumbing service

I had an amazing experience with Peerless Plumbing Company's plumber who arrived on time and did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend their services.

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humpin klein

carollton plumbing service

I called this plumber for an emergency, and Peerless responded quickly, fixing the issue promptly. THANKS!!!!

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Jan Porter

plumbing service carrollton

If you're looking for a reliable plumber, Peerless Plumbing Company gets my vote of confidence. Their plumber is really masterful at his job.

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